SmartXchange is a VoIP PBX solution based on the award winning Asterisk IP PBX. It is a reliable replacement for traditional PBX in the new era of the internet. SmartXchange is basically a multifunctional phone switch for businesses of all sizes – all of the phones are connected and provided for via an IP network meaning you do not need to run extra cables for the telephones. With our VoIP PBX solution your calls can be delivered to any place on Earth at a fraction of the usual cost, and all system configuration is done from your web browser. Our VoIP PBX solution makes an IP PBX system that is low cost, flexible, user-friendly and capable of recording calls. What we offer is a software-based VoIP PBX solution, where a lot of the problems of legacy systems were already solved.

Moreover, you can start your own business with our VoIP PBX Team, and it can be custom developed for your requirements. Development is driven by PortaOne, Inc. and we are contributing our more than 10-years of VoIP experience in building value for customers all over the world.