Managed VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions offer robust and secure private business networking.

There is a choice of business VPN solutions, depending on what your business needs are. All of the managed VPN solutions are offered over a range of different access mediums (Leased Line, Fibre, Assured Rate WiMAX, Microwave, Satellite) to ensure that you are able to use a world-class business VPN service no matter what your network connection is, or where your business is located.

Managed VPN solution choices

Recognising that different business scenarios require different business VPN solutions, TradeSmart Global offers multiple types of Managed VPN services.

Managed VPN services can be tailored to your business needs

When creating a Managed VPN solution with TradeSmart, you can combine different access mediums and protocols to suit your specific business needs. For example, your main office can have a high-speed fibre connection to your business VPN, allowing all types of data to be transmitted, while a smaller office in a different location can have a WiMAX connection with data transmission prioritised over video.

Managed VPN solutions with guaranteed Quality of Service

Our Managed VPN services are covered by stringent Service Level Agreements so that you can be assured of high quality, reliability and security. Managed VPN service routers allow you to prioritise the type of bandwidth transmission that is most important to you, be that data, voice, video or other protocols – ensuring that whatever is most important to you is always delivered at high quality.

Managed VPN services from Tradesmart Global provides the best available world-class business VPN capabilities, customised to your business needs.